Jo Robbings sitting on cliff face


I'm Jo; I specialise in film and creative video services.

I’m passionate about conveying genuine meaning, value, messages and telling real stories. People are at the core. My portfolio of work is diverse but I remain focussed in each field.

I love connecting with people across the world. My work has taken me from the UK to Asia and back. Whether it's working with a deeply purposeful charity, a school, an organisation, a couple’s dream wedding, an epic outdoor adventure, it all matters to me.

I am an experienced outdoor rock climber, with a particular love of traditional climbing - I’ve spent most of my life scaling the mountains, from North Wales to Italy and even Yosemite. I take that experience and knowledge with me into my outdoor adventure work. When I’m not filming, I’m probably climbing.

For weddings, my purpose is to capture the intimate details and true emotion of the experience, whilst remaining unobtrusive, sharing the special moments that can’t be re-created.

I also have a degree in physics, which means I’m comfortable solving complex problems, coming up with solutions for challenges and communicating potentially complex material in a relatable way.

I relish the challenge of new ideas and translating them into unique visual pieces. If you have a project, no matter how personal or professional, I would love to hear from you. Shoot me a message and let’s get talking.

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